Joey “the BROfessor” Slayton is a native of Arkansas. He is an avid off-road/outdoor enthusiast, hiker, backpacker, motorcycle rider, and podcaster. The BROfessor’s outdoor adventures began back in the late 1980’s when he and his friends would take his Suzuki Samurai outadventuring each weekend. Today, on any given day, you can find him riding the highways on his Harley, backroads on his Adventure Bike, Bikepacking, backpacking, kayaking, or down some trail in his FJ Cruiser. Each summer you might have trouble tracking him down as he escapes reality exploring wherever the roads my take him. Joey keeps a log of his adventures through his Instagram @brofessoradventures, his LIVE radio show/podcast “THE Overland Podcast” and his blog “BROfessor Adventures.”

 Being born and raised in northwest Arkansas, I grew up camping, fishing, hunting and floating the Ozark National Forest. My love for offroading didn’t develop until after I bought my first 4 wheeler as an adult. From there it progressed thru different 4 wheelers and side by side rigs and on to where we are today…. Jeeps.  I married the love of my life in 1994, and over the last 30+ years, we’ve shared many of these experiences together. So, the combination of all these activities into vehicle based adventure exploration defines what overlanding means to

me, and is why I am so passionate about it. If I’m not working or
overlanding, I’m talking about overlanding, or the gear we use, on THE Overland Podcast with my Bro, Joey Slayton.